Installation Rules and Tips:

1. As a general rule, all water meters should be installed in such a way as to minimize water turbulence inside the meter and this is achieved by installing the meter with lengths of straight pipe before and after the meter. Again as a general rule, 10 x the diameter of straight pipe before and, 5 x the diameter of straight pipe after the meter. So for a 100mm water meter you should have 1m of straight pipe before the meter and 50cm of straight pipe after the meter.

2. Some meters are suitable for installation in horizontal, vertical or inclined positions and this makes it easy. Some however must only be installed in a horizontal position and this really is important as they are not designed for other installations and will not operate correctly or will fail. Warranty does not cover incorrect installations.

3. When a meter is to be installed the supply line to the meter must be flushed to remove any debris. If this is not practical then a filter of suitable size must be installed upstream of the meter and the filter must be cleaned regularly.

4. All meters must be installed with the register uppermost.

5. All meters must be installed with an isolating valve on each side of the meter and filter assembly.

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